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Hey, Kansas, Cold Stone Has Cakes for Your Next Special Occasion Our cakes are layered with our premium ice cream and moist cake. We cover them with fluffy frosting and rich ganache, and then decorate them with sprinkles. With a long list of choices to pick from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your next big event. Choose from any one from these tasty treats: Signature Cakes,Themed Cakes,Petite Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes You Have to Try Our Signature Cake Our Signature Cakes started it all. We make them with our premium ice cream and moist cake, and then cover them with frosting or fudge ganache. They have a festive look and taste even better. Choose from any one of these cake choices: Cake Batter Confetti™,Midnight Delight™,Cookies & Creamery™ Kids Love Our Themed Cakes Imagine the fun you’re going to have when you bring out a birthday cake with your child’s favorite theme on it. Layered with our premium ice cream and rich frosting or ganache, these cakes can be designed with kid-favorite characters from Nickelodeon®, Disney®, and many more. Petite Cakes Are Made for Two Put the kids to bed, and bring out a Petite Cake to share with your hubby. They have all the same delicious ingredients in our Signature Cake, just smaller. Party with Our Ice Cream Cupcakes We fill our cupcakes with sweet ice cream, moist cake, and place them inside a rich Belgian chocolate cup. On top is fluffy frosting and fresh mix-ins. Choose from our three delicious choices, including: Sweetest Cream™ Cupcakes,Double Chocolate Devotion™ Cupcakes,Cake Batter™ Delux Cupcakes